Developer Workshops

I samband med vår årliga utvecklarkonferens DevSum anordnar vi workshops med experter inom utveckling. Även i år har du möjligheten att boka workshops utan att gå på konferensen. Här får du chansen att fördjupa dina kunskaper och möta instruktörer i världsklass under en heldag fullspäckad med utveckling!

Alla workshops sker i våra kurslokaler i Stockholm, Kista, onsdagen den 22 maj 2019 mellan kl 9-17. Frukost, lunch och fika ingår i priset.

Docker and Kubernetes for .NET developers with Elton Stoneman

Docker is a platform for running applications in lightweight units of compute called containers, and Kubernetes is an orchestrator for managing containers at scale. In this workshop you’ll learn all about building and running .NET Framework and .NET Core apps in Docker containers, how to make your Dockerized apps ready for production, and how to run and manage containers in Kubernetes.

ASP.NET Core Authentication and Authorization with Anders Abel

A full day, hands on workshop on Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET Core.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Workshop for .NET and Azure Developers with Alan Smith and Peter Örneholm

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies have been evolving with a rapid pace over the past few years. Microsoft is now investing heavily in the development of ML and AI technologies. ML.NET provides developers with a framework allowing then to develop applications and systems using machine learning algorithms. The Microsoft Azure platform offers the Azure Machine Learning services, targeted at data scientists, and Conative Services, allowing developers to perform a wide variety of AI based tasks like text, image and voice analysis through simple SDKs or REST-calls.

Java.Next: Keeping up with Java with Sander Mak

As of Java 9 we’re getting a major Java release twice a year. Gone are the days of big Java releases that took 3 or 4 years. It’s more important than ever to keep up with Java!

Leadership Skills for the Non-Manager with Heather Wilde

You don’t have a manager’s title to be a leader within an organization, nor do you have to be in charge to successfully lead others through a meeting or project.

Deep Learning for Developers Hands-on with Zoiner Tejada

Deep learning is at the center of many exciting application innovations, and yet deep learning is also a way you can safely upgrade your existing applications with powerful new capabilities.

Angular Architecture and best practices with Dan Wahlin

A lot of questions typically come up as developers write application code. For example, are you following established best practices? How easy will it be to maintain and refactor the application in the future? If you’re starting a new application from scratch, what application architecture should be used?

JUnit 5: Next Generation Testing on the JVM with Nicolai Parlog

Java’s most ubiquitous library got an update! 

Vi förbehåller oss rätten att ställa in workshops vid för få bokningar.