HPE Synergy Administration

This 3-day course provides instructions on the HPE Synergy configuration, administration, management, troubleshooting and maintenance.

This hands-on course will cover day-to-day administration skills on: HPE Synergy Composer, HPE Image Streamer, Storage module, Compute module, Frame management, fabric connectivity, multi-frame domains and server profile management. Students will also learn about HPE Global Dashboard features.


  • Introduce Composable Infrastructure (basic concepts) and HPE Synergy domains
  • Explore the functional architecture of the HPE Synergy environment, including management infrastructure (HPE Synergy Composer, HPE Synergy Image Streamer, Frame Link Modules), compute modules, interconnect modules, local storage systems, power and cooling
  • Review the HPE Synergy Portfolio and equipment capabilities
  • Explain the HPE Synergy Master/Satellite interconnects topology and cabling


  • System administrators, engineers and consultants who install, manage, and monitor the HPE Synergy systems.
  • New HPE Synergy customers or HPE BladeSystem c-Class customers interested in HPE Synergy. 


  • Module 1: HPE Synergy Overview
  • Module 2: HPE Synergy Hardware Setup
  • Module 3: Connectivity Management
  • Module 4: Storage Management
  • Module 5: Image Streamer
  • Module 6: Server Profiles Management
  • Module 7: HPE Synergy multi-frame domains
  • Module 8: HPE Global Dashboard
  • Module 9: HPE Remote Support
  • Module 10: HPE Synergy Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Module 11: HPE Synergy support services and documentation

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