Power BI for Advanced Users

This Power BI (level 2) workshop is an intensive three-day course that is designed for Power Users and Data Stewards who want to learn how to utilize the tools available in the Power BI stack, including the Power BI Cloud Portal.

We’ll learn the importance of building good models and we’ll learns to use DAX as well as Power Query to shape additional information that can be found in external data sources. You’ll also use new Power BI cloud platform as a way of Deploying/sharing your reports and dashboards, and utilize extra features such as building interactive dashboards, use Q&A and manage Data refresh and alerts for your queries and sources. At the end of this course we’ll introduce you to some hot topics such as Dataflows, Composite Models, Aggregation Tables, Common Data Service for apps. In other words, this course will take the Self- Service Business Intelligence (SSBI) concept to its edge. 

Målgrupp och förkunskaper

This training is targeted for Data professionals such as Data Stewards, or Power Users that are looking to design their own Power BI solutions.  

Basic knowledge of Power BI equivalent of the course A540, Power BI Fundamentals. 

Detaljerat innehåll

  • Introducing the Power BI Platform 
  • Designing Reports and navigation in Power BI Desktop Mastering Query Features 
  • Merge Operations 
  • Advanced Data Modeling in Tabular models 
  • Proc and cons using Bidirectional Filtering 
  • Integrating Power BI with Excel 2016 and Excel Online 
  • Designing and Deploying Streaming Dashboards 
  • Security Best Practices 
  • Introducing R in Power BI 
  • Understanding Data Refresh, Gateways and DirectQuery Mode 
  • Publishing Content using App 
  • Workspaces 
  • Additional Publishing options 
  • Power BI Integration with Azure and Office 365 
  • Introducing the Azure Data Catalog 
  • Introduction to Dataflows 
  • Introduction Composite Models 
  • Introduction to CDSA (Common Data Service for Apps) 


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Längd 3 dagar
Kurskod A541

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