Linux and Unix Shell Scripting

This course is designed to teach the concepts required to create Linux or Unix shell scripts. As well as being a useful course for all users of Linux, this course will be useful to anyone administering a Linux system or using Linux in a development.

Den här mycket uppskattade kursen är framtagen av Steve Kirby som har följt Unix och dess utveckling sedan -79. Steve har haft olika roller och utbildat både helpdesk, systemadministratörer och utvecklare. Kursen är generisk och kan appliceras på det mesta inom Unix och Linux. 

At the end of the course the delegates should have an understanding of how Shell scripts work and be able to complete complex scripting tasks.


The course is based on the Bourne, Korn or Bash shell. For private classes the course content can be rearranged for the C-Shell if required.


As well as being a useful course for all users of Linux, this course will be useful to anyone who will be using Linux in a development environment or who will be administering a Linux system. 


The course assumes that the delegate has prior knowledge of Linux or Unix to basic user level. Simple use of an editor would be an advantage.


Review the role of the Kernel and the Shell

Examine the process life cycle

  • fork, exec

Examine in-built shell functions

Look at file name meta-characters

Perform I/O redirection using

  • Standard out
  • Standard in
  • Standard error
  • Pipes
  • The tee command

Create simple scripts

  • Run scripts
  • Use of #! directive

Create and use shell variables

  • Use of the export command

Use of the . construct

Use of quotes

  • single, double, back quotes

Use of regular expressions including

  • ^, $, \, [], ., *

Use of positional parameters

  • $0, $n $*, $@, $#
  • The set command

Examine the exit status of commands

  • The test command

File manipulation

Use of the if statement

  • if , else, elif
  • case

Loops using Flow control

  • for
  • while
  • until

Reading data from standard input.

  • Use of <<

Perform arithmetic calculations within a script

Examine the use of inbuilt functions

Parameter substitution

Look at Unix tools including

  • awk, sed, cut, paste , tr, grep 

Create command line scripts and menu driven interactive scripts.

Develop concise, robust and maintainable scripts.

Handle signals received by a script

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