Linux for System Administrators

Den här mycket uppskattade kursen är framtagen av Steve Kirby som har följt Unix och dess utveckling sedan -79. Steve har haft olika roller och utbildat både helpdesk, systemadministratörer och utvecklare. Kursen är generisk och kan appliceras på det mesta inom Unix och Linux.

During this course you will learn how to install, update, configure and maintain a Linux operating system. It is ideal for those who are just starting to install and manage Linux systems or who need to consolidate and improve their existing skills.

These days covers a lot of practical hands on experience and at the end of the course you will be able to effectively administer a Linux system. The course is generic and is applicable to many different versions of Linux.


This course is intended for all administrators and operators of Linux.  It will also be a useful course for anyone who wishes to acquire a better understanding of the Linux technologies or who will be developing applications in the Linux environment.


The delegates should ideally have experience of Linux or Unix at a user level or have attended a Linux and Unix Fundamentals course. The delegates should have basic knowledge of the command line and use of a text editor. The Linux and Unix Fundamentals course would be an ideal prerequisite for this course.


Installing Linux 

  • Installing  CentOS Linux
  • Installing Ubuntu Linux


Remote Access with ssh

  • ssh
  • scp
  • Accessing ssh using public private keys


Root access

  • su command
  • sudo command


Managing Date and Time

  • date command
  • hwclock command
  • Using NTP
  • Unig chronyc
  • timedatectl commands


Managing Linux User Accounts

  • Adding a local user
  • Modifying local users
  • Locking and unlocking user accounts
  • Removing local users
  • Monitoring users
  • User Customization Files


Managing Software with yum and rpm

  • rpm command
  • Installing a new kernel
  • yum command


Managing software with dpkg and apt-get

  • Managing Software with dpkg and apt


Managing File Systems

  • Device names
  • Disk partitions
  • Creating file systems
  • Disk UUIDs and filesystem labels
  • Mounting a file system
  • Configuring Linux Logical Volumes
  • Linux Software RAID


Using GRUB

  • GRUB Legacy
  • GRUB 2


Managing Services with rc scripts 

  • Run levels
  • upstart
  • SysV rc scripts
  • starting and stopping services
  • Enabling and disabling services
  • Service configuration files


Configuring Services with Systemd

  • Services
  • Targets
  • Creating a custom systemd service
  • Configure network services with systemd
  • Logging systemd with journalctl


Scheduling commands with cron and at

  • at
  • Cron
  • Anacron


Network Configuration

  • Network Configuration Files
  • ifconfig command
  • ip command
  • Routing tables
  • Network Manager


Network Firewall

  • iptables configuration
  • firewalld configuration


Security Primer

  • Special file permissions
  • Programmable Authentication Module (PAM)
  • Introduction to SELInux

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