Masterclass: Building modern applications with .NET Core with Gill Cleeren

.NET has evolved tremendously. From a framework which we could use to build Windows and WebForms, it has evolved into an ecosystem that we can use to build modern, responsive and cloud-ready systems for enterprises.

Right at the centre is Visual Studio and C#. Visual Studio is the tool that allows us to build all the different types of applications, ranging from web applications to cross-platform mobile applications to cloud-based applications. C# is the language that is used by most .NET developers and it’s actively maintained and extended.

Learning and understanding Visual Studio, .NET and C# can be a daunting task for developers. In this course, you will learn how to build modern applications with .NET Core and C#. You’ll learn about the tools such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code. You’ll get to understand the basics and the more advanced concepts of C# and you’ll understand the different types of applications that can be built with .NET Core.

After taking this course, developers will have a deep understanding of the C# language, Visual Studio and the most important building blocks of the framework.

This course uses .NET Core 2.2


During this training, we will teach you about the .NET framework and C#. No C# knowledge is required however previous programming experience is expected (Java, C++…) since we aren’t covering the basics of programming.


  • An overview of the world of .NET
    • Overview of .NET and .NET Core
    • Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio Code
    • The .NET CLI
  • Developing applications with C#
    • C# language basics
    • .NET CLR, type system
    • OO development with C#
    • LINQ
    • Collections
    • Delegates, generics and events
  • Working with the database using Entity Framework Core
    • Overview of EF Core
    • Database creation, migration
    • Code-first design
  • Testing .NET Core applications
    • Introduction to unit testing
    • xUnit
  • ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET Core MVC applications
    • MVC
    • Razor
    • Working with a database
    • Logging
    • Security
  • Building APIs with .NET Core
    • REST API
    • Content negotiation
  • Building mobile apps with Xamarin.Forms            
    • Overview of the Xamarin platform
    • Forms with XAML
    • MVVM introduction
  • Integrating with the Cloud
    • Overview of the most commonly used Azure services
    • Azure Web Sites
    • SQL Azure databases for developers
    • Deploying applications to the cloud
  • Common patterns in .NET development
    • SOLID development in .NET
    • Other commonly used patterns
  • Securing applications
    • The OWASP security guidelines
    • Security in ASP.NET Web applications
    • Tokens
  • Team work with Azure DevOps
    • Introduction to Azure DevOps
    • CI/CD
    • Boards and work item management

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