C# Deep Dive

The C# Deep Dive course is intended for experienced C# programmers looking to extend their knowledge further.

The course goes into the deep details of the language features, but also introduces new concepts included in the latest versions of C#. You will learn how to build robust and effective applications using modern language features and techniques such as parallelism, asynchrony and event-driven programming. The course covers .NET Core as well as .NET Classic.


Experienced C# developers looking for deeper knowledge of the language, frameworks and programming techniques.


Students should have substantial hand-on experience of C# and the .NET framework.


Cross platform .NET

  • .NET Standard
  • .NET Runtime
  • .NET Implementations

News in C#

  • Language additions in versions 6- 7.3

Working with classes and objects

  • Encapsulation, Inheritance and polymorphism
  • Dynamic objects
  • Expando objects


  • Runtime evaluation of types
  • Use and define attributes
  • Create types at runtime

Lambda and functional programming

  • Closures
  • Pure functions
  • Function Composition

Asynchronous programming

  • Tasks and continuations
  • Thread pool
  • Async/Await
  • Synchronization contexts


  • C# events
  • Event queues
  • Companion to Async/Await

LINQ in-depth

  • Advanced LINQ functions
  • Two ways of writing LINQ – methods and queries
  • Create your own LINQ function

Parallel Extensions

  • Parallel LINQ (PLINQ)
  • Parallel loops

Managed Extensibility Framework

  • Runtime extensibility using managed assemblies
  • Discover and load parts to use at run-time
  • Implement an extension

Unit testing techniques

  • Unit test frameworks
  • Mock Objects
  • Design for testability
  • Dependency inversion

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