ASP.NET Core Fundamentals

This is a self-paced GK Digital Learning product. GK Digital learning products are created by world-class production and instructional design teams to deliver an experience that feels more like a classroom than traditional e-learning with hands-on activities for real-world results. In addition to high quality video content and hands-on labs you will have access to subject matter experts to ask questions for feedback and support.

As the web evolves, so too should development tools. They should be fast, flexible, and even enjoyable to work with. With the state of the web changing and the expectations of clients increasing, the ASP.NET team at Microsoft have taken time to review the state of web development to see if they could provide developers with better tools to meet modern day challenges. Out of that came ASP.NET Core.

The main goal of this course is to introduce the new ASP.NET Core framework, the new tooling, and to have you confidently building web applications using it. We will start off discussing the new templates and project types available. Then, we will review some of the core concepts such as configuration, dependency injection, routing, and Middleware.


  • Basic C# programming
  • Asynchronous C# programming
  • Basic .NET Core


  • GK Digital Learning Outline
  • Say hello to ASP.NET Core
  • Understand the Middleware pipeline
  • Work with MVC
  • Configure your application
  • Access data with Entity Framework Core
  • Develop on the front end
  • GK Digital Learning Labs
  • Create a bare bones ASP.NET Core application
  • Create Middleware to check for API Keys
  • Create an online form in Razor
  • Create structured logs with Serilog
  • Add a database to capture form data
  • Enable bundling for front end assets


What You'll Learn

  • Create a project using the new template
  • Include Middleware in the pipeline
  • Create your own Middleware
  • Understand how hosting works
  • Work with MVC Controllers and Views
  • Register and inject services
  • Set up various configuration sources
  • Include CSS, JavaScript, and other front end assets

Target Audience

The course is designed to be relevant and enlightening to .NET developers at various levels of experience.

Everyone from junior through senior level developers will be able to gain the necessary skills they need to quickly become productive with this framework.