Pointers to Data and Functions in C

Pointers are probably one of the most difficult concepts in C to master. To the beginner, their syntax seems strange and their usage is sometimes hard to grasp. However it is very important for every C developer to understand how pointers work. Pointers to data and pointers to functions can be used to dynamically change program behavior at runtime.


The following Pre-Requisite knowledge is required:

  • Previous programming experience


The online event consists of the following content:

  • Access and Manipulate Memory with Pointers - 1 hours 17 minutes 8 Activities: Article  (3)  |  Lab  (3)  |  Video  (2)
  • Manage Your Program’s Memory Usage with Heap and Stack-Based Allocations - 7 Activities: Article  (5)  |  Lab  (1)  |  Video  (1)
  • Create Abstract Data Types Using Opaque Pointers - 1 hours 21 minutes 7 Activities: Article  (5)  |  Lab  (1)  |  Video  (1)
  • Change program behavior at runtime with function pointers - 1 hours 10 minutes 6 Activities: Article  (3)  |  Lab  (1)  |  Video  (2)


During this online learning event delegates will have access to:

  • Implement pass-by-reference semantics using pointers
  • Manipulate a structure variable through a pointer
  • Allocate and release memory on the heap
  • Write a function that accepts a function as a parameter
  • Combine structures and functions to create higher-level constructs

Target Audience

This online event is aimed atdDevelopers who want to understand the power and capabilities of C.