Consuming Services in .NET by Example

This is a self-paced GK Digital Learning product. GK Digital learning products are created by world-class production and instructional design teams to deliver an experience that feels more like a classroom than traditional e-learning with hands-on activities for real-world results. In addition to high quality video content and hands-on labs you will have access to subject matter experts to ask questions for feedback and support.

In this course, three different approaches to consuming web services using the .NET Framework and C# are covered. In each scenario, you will explore a publicly available web service and create a small application that utilizes the service in a fun way. More specifically, you will see how to leverage classes such as WebClient and HttpClient in our existing applications. You will also make use of the "Add Service Reference" feature in Visual Studio to generate service clients for us automatically.

This online learning event is comprised of Articles to read, Labs to participate in, Videos to watch and all the time you have access to Mentors that will help you better understand the approaches to consuming services. We estimate that the learning event will take you around 2 ½ hrs to complete. 


The following Pre-requisite knolwged is required:

Delegates will need to attend the GK5222 Getting Started with C# Programming event or have equivalent knowledge


The online event consists of the following content:

  • Intro to Consuming Services in .NET - 4 minutes 4 Activities: Article  (1)  |  Lab  (0)  |  Video  (3)
  • Consuming WebClient in .NET with LINQ to XML - 39 minutes 9 Activities: Article  (1)  |  Lab  (1)  |  Video  (7)
  • Consuming Yelp APIs with HttpClient and Async/Await - 44 minutes 9 Activities: Article  (1)  |  Lab  (1)  |  Video  (7)
  • Consuming Amazon APIs with WCF Clients - 1 hours 7 minutes 10 Activities: Article  (1)  |  Lab  (1)  |  Video  (8)


During this onine learning event delegates will have access to:

  • Use WebClient class against a service that returns XML
  • How LINQ to XML comes in handy for parsing XML documents
  • Use the HttpClient class to make asynchronous calls against a service that returns JSON
  • How the async / await keywords allow us to flow asynchrony through applications
  • Parse JSON data with the popular JSON.NET library
  • Make service calls to a SOAP service buy generating service clients using its WSDL
  • WCF interceptors and behaviors

Target Audience

This online event is aimed at C# developers and ASP.NET developers.