Building a Command-Line Interface (CLI) with argparse

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In this course, you will learn how to build a command-line interface (CLI) with argparse (a module in the Python standard library) and with third-party packages that offer alternative approaches and extended functionality. You will learn about adding positional and optional arguments, and then move to advanced topics such as building custom types and custom actions.

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A basic command of the Python language and its standard library.


1. Intro to CLI
2. Advanced CLI
3. Alternatives and Gotchas


What You'll Learn

  •  Build a CLI with argparse, docopt or click
  •  Add positional or optional arguments
  •  Assign a type and an action to each argument
  •  Write a custom type
  •  Write a custom action
  •  Configure arguments as mutually exclusive
  •  Resolve conflicting argument names

Target Audience

Python developers who wants to provide an effective and easy-to-maintain interface to a software product for their customers.