Introduction to Software Development Bundle

Software development is the design and construction of software, which forms the core of technology that is fundamental to our personal and professional life.

Our bundle will help developers to:

  • Liaise with your team
  • Understand the fundamentals of Software Development
  • Gain a basic understanding of the Development processes used

Get 12 months access to our Software Development Bundle for just 7950 SEK (+VAT).

When it's time for a code review, you can even download the exercise, upload it when you are finished and then rely on instructor feedback to ensure you've grasped the skill at hand. 

What’s included:

With the Introduction to Software Development On-Demand bundle from Global Knowledge you get rich media content, exercises and expert support - which means you can access quality learning content quickly and conveniently.

Course Name Experience Level Number of Hours
Getting Started with Python  Beginner  9.75
Getting Started with Git  Beginner  9.25
Getting Started with Entity Framework   Beginner  11.25
C# / .NET Developer Bundle   Beginner  12
Getting Started with TypeScript   Beginner  5.5
Introduction to .NET Core   Beginner  5.5
Getting Started with JavaScript   Beginner  7


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