Getting Started with JavaScript

This is a self-paced GK Digital Learning product. GK Digital learning products are created by world-class production and instructional design teams to deliver an experience that feels more like a classroom than traditional e-learning with hands-on activities for real-world results. In addition to high quality video content and hands-on labs you will have access to subject matter experts to ask questions for feedback and support.

JavaScript used to be the language that added simple effects and validation to our Web pages. It can still do that, but JavaScript is used for much more than that these days. Full applications are being written in JavaScript. Some people even use JavaScript on the server to power their application.

This course is for programmers already experienced with any other programming language besides JavaScript. You’ll be introduced to JavaScript’s syntax, common idioms, its strange object model, and its roots in functional programming.The labs for this course will have you working with simple HTML files that you can edit with any text editor on any operating system and run in a modern browser.

This online learning event is comprised of Articles to read, Labs to participate in, Videos to watch and all the time you have access to Mentors that will help you better understand of Javascript. We estimate that the learning event will take you around 8hrs to complete.


The following Pre-requisite knolwged is required:

  • Basic programming skills as might be learned in an introductory programming course in college


The online event consists of the following content:

  • Configure Your Development Environment - 31 minutes 3 Activities: Article  (1)  |  Lab  (1)  |  Video  (1)
  • JavaScript Language Essentials - 1 hours 46 minutes 10 Activities: Article  (4)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (4)
  • Booleans, Numbers, and Strings - 56 minutes 5 Activities: Article  (1)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (2)
  • Create and Use Arrays - 1 hours 36 minutes 5 Activities: Article  (1)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (2)
  • Object-Oriented Programming - 1 hours 46 minutes 7 Activities: Article  (3)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (2)
  • ECMAScript 6 - 1 hours 26 minutes 6 Activities: Article  (1)  |  Lab  (1)  |  Video  (4)


During this online learning event delegates will have access to:

  • Configure your development environment to work with Visual Studio Code, an open-source code editor
  • Use a Node.js package host and serve your web pages
  • JavaScript language essentials, including statements, operators, and data types
  • Create and manipulate collections of data with arrays
  • Concepts and implementation details object-oriented programming
  • Newer features ECMAScript 6 and how they can be used in modern applications

Target Audience

This online event is aimed at web developers who want to learn the essential  features of JavaScript to program the behavior of web pages.