Getting Started with Python

This is a self-paced GK Digital Learning product. GK Digital learning products are created by world-class production and instructional design teams to deliver an experience that feels more like a classroom than traditional e-learning with hands-on activities for real-world results. In addition to high quality video content and hands-on labs you will have access to subject matter experts to ask questions for feedback and support.

The Python language has been emerging as a very powerful, flexible, and simple programming tool for building all manner of applications. 

In this course, you will learn about Python and writing basic scripts. From there, you'll move on to many of the language features needed in all applications, and then explore some advanced functionality such as OO Python.

This online learning event is comprised of Articles to read, Labs to participate in, Videos to watch and all the time you have access to Mentors that will help you better understand the Python language. We estimate that the learning event will take you around 9 ½hrs to complete.


Basic experience with some programming language (knowledge of Python is not assumed).


  • "Hello World!" with Python - 2 hours 6 minutes 12 Activities: Article  (4)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (6)
  • Using Built-In Data Structures - 1 hours 36 minutes 8 Activities: Article  (1)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (5)
  • Iterate over Collections - 2 hours 58 minutes 9 Activities: Article  (2)  |  Lab  (1)  |  Video  (6)
  • Write OO Python - 1 hours 16 minutes 7 Activities: Article  (1)  |  Lab  (1)  |  Video  (5)
  • Delve Deeper into Python Features - 1 hours 46 minutes 9 Activities: Article  (3)  |  Lab  (1)  |  Video  (5)


During this event you will learn:

  • Python Interpreter
  • Use and Write Libraries
  • Use Built-In Python Data Structures
  • Use Comprehensions to write Concise Loops
  • Produce a Collection One Element at a Time
  • Basic OO Syntax
  • Implement Inheritance and Multiple Inheritance
  • Use Special Methods to Integrate with Python's Syntax
  • Write Python Code Using Proper Programming Style
  • First-Class Functions

Target Audience

Individuals wishing to become proficient in the Python programming language and ecosystem.