Getting Started with TypeScript

This is a self-paced GK Digital Learning product. GK Digital learning products are created by world-class production and instructional design teams to deliver an experience that feels more like a classroom than traditional e-learning with hands-on activities for real-world results. In addition to high quality video content and hands-on labs you will have access to subject matter experts to ask questions for feedback and support.

The TypeScript language bring a number of advanced features such as type safety and classes/interfaces and ultimately compiles back to vanilla JavaScript that can be used in most browsers and Node. It allows for a more complete development experience with great IDE support and better warnings of possible problems before actually finding them during runtime. If you have wondered what TypeScript advantages and features are, this course is for you. In this course, you will learn how TypeScript provides support for code development and the use of TSC, the TypeScript compiler, and more.

This online learning event is comprised of Articles to read, Labs to participate in, Videos to watch and all the time you have access to Mentors that will help you better understand Typescript. We estimate that the learning event will take you around 4 1/2hrs to complete.


The online event consists of the following content:

  • Explore the Advantages of TypeScript - 55 minutes 8 Activities: Article  (2)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (4)
  • Use Classes and Interfaces - 58 minutes 8 Activities: Article  (2)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (4)
  • Functions and Arrow Functions - 35 minutes 6 Activities: Article  (2)  |  Lab  (1)  |  Video  (3)
  • Learn How to User Internal and External Modules - 7 Activities: Article  (3)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (2)
  • Discover More TypeScript Features - 1 hours 9 minutes 8 Activities: Article  (2)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (4)


During this online learninig event delegates will have access to:

  • Why TypeScripts type system makes you less likely to develop buggy cod
  • Concepts such as classes and interfaces
  • How to use types during variable declaration and within functions
  • How to modularize your code
  • Advanced features such as directive, mixins, and generics

Target Audience

This online event is aimed at individuals interested in using a more feature-rich language to develop code that will run in a JavaScript interpreter.